Building better teams, leaders and businesses from the inside out.

Smart coaching moves people further down their path - or helps them choose another one. We partner with our clients to reach specific goals in their professional development, including improving interpersonal and professional communication, organizational effectiveness, developing executive presence, enhancing strategic thinking, dealing effectively with conflict, building an effective team within an organization, and more. We help bring out the best in people and help them move forward decisively.
One way to jump start a new leader's value is through LEAP (Leader Entry Assimilation Process). Quite simply, it puts new leaders on the fast track for success.  This half-day session with the staff and leader engages staff with their new boss, gets opportunities on the table and outlines key success factors for the next 90 days.
Knowing your own motivations and communications skills and styles gives you insight into how to effectively work with others and create better outcomes. We trust Insights to identify and illuminate how the individuals on a team think and communicate. The feedback helps them adapt their styles to be most effective with internal and external clients. It enhances teams, individuals, and organizations through improving communication skills, teamwork and organizational culture.


The most valuable investment a business will ever make is in its human capital.  Today’s most successful companies—no matter what their size—recognize aligning the balance of engagement and accountability at every level is what drives that success.

As an executive coach, leadership development and human resources expert, we work with all levels of employees to help them build the skills that make for positive transformation and bottom line improvement.  Luna Sol Consulting, LLC applies today’s proven tools and techniques to help executives and employees:

•  Communicate more effectively with customers and contemporaries

•  Better manage responsibility, teams, challenges and strategic goals

•  Improve behaviors and decision making

•  Diffuse areas of conflict and motivate employee work performance

•  Strengthen management skills and build leaders

•  Cultivate a strong employee base by selecting the right candidate for the right position

Let Luna Sol Consulting help your business chart a new path to growth and prosperity by building strength from the inside out.  Read more about our approach to Assess, Develop, Enhance and Engage your workforce to achieve extraordinary results, then call Luna Sol Consulting at 918.381.2449 or email us to learn more about our own successes with companies like yours.